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About us

Färgbygge is a small-scale paint company that since the start in 1979 values quality and environmental issues highly. We have extensive experience of collaborating with architects and designers where over the years there have been many exciting and developing projects.


our history

Color construction is born

During the late 70's, a group of painters and architects searched for new materials to color the houses with. The initiative became a separate paint production under the name Färgbygge. The color scheme was based on Goethe's color theory with a focus on function in interaction with the human environment. 

Färgbygge Inspiration Fasad

our history

Colorbuilding today

After many years of development work, we are proud to be able to offer consumers and professional painters a newly developed series of indoor paints. The focus has been on increasing the proportion of renewable raw materials, minimizing VOC substances and improving technical properties.

In 2017, we moved into a completely new factory located in Sigtuna municipality. Major investments have been made to minimize energy consumption and a better working environment, while we have expanded our capacity to meet the demand for our colors.

Vår Vision

Color construction - Color design for the future

Our Vision


With our colors, we want to inspire a safe, creative and developing environment to live in. In recent years, we have worked purposefully to make colors even more functional and environmentally sustainable, by choosing renewable and quality mineral raw materials, which are refined through a modern approach.  


With "Color design" we mean our quest for the most natural color experience. We are in the present, with a sense of sustainability "for the future" - which we see as a great and exciting challenge.

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