About us

Färgbygge is a small-scale paint company that since the start in 1979 values quality and environmental issues highly. We have extensive experience of collaborating with architects and designers where over the years there have been many exciting and developing projects.



Membership  in Trästad

Färgbygge has joined the non-profit association Trästad, an interest association in wood construction. In this new forum, we hope to share our expertise in surface treatment and expand our own network of partners.

Read more about Trästad here


Opening hours The Easter weekend

Color construction takes time off during the Easter weekend. April 15 Good Friday through April 18, the second day of Easter, the telephone exchange will be closed and the office and factory will be closed for visits. 

Happy Easter!


Changes in 2022


Cooperation with Welin & Co ends on January 1, 2022

At the turn of the year, our distribution agreement with Welin & Co will terminate. This can make it more difficult to order our products through retailers for you as a consumer. We will do our utmost to minimize negative effects and ask you as a consumer to otherwise contact us directly for any types of questions or concerns! If you do not have a retailer in your local area, you can also shop directly in our webshop.


Price increase January 1, 2022

Due to the fact that we have not made any price adjustments in recent years and in combination with the price increase that has taken place in the raw material market in the past year, we will implement a general price increase of 10% on our product range.  


Product range

NATURUM series

From 1 January 2022, the NATURUM series will only consist of Trälasyr. The reason for this is that other products in the series will be further developed and pending the next generation of NATURUM products, only Trälasyren will survive. Trälasyren is a sought-after product that has recently become a popular choice for interior surface treatment of KL wood. The wood acid will be available in a number of standard colors but can still be nuanced according to NCS.  


Color pigments

In future, we will only provide our high-quality color pigments according to a number of standard pigments that are sold in a zip bag of 30ml, in a bucket per kilo or whole bags. In addition to our standard pigments, we have a number of pigment varieties that we do not always have on the warehouse shelf but that we can easily order. We have a wide network of suppliers and you are therefore always welcome to request your pigment needs and we will see if we can help!


We hope you understand the above. If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact us . 

FÄRGBYGGE TILJA Trälut- och Träsåpa Vit


We proudly present: COLOR BUILD TILJA

We are now launching our traditional product series for building maintenance - COLOR BUILDING TILJA!

The product series consists of:

  • COLOR BUILDING TILJA Wood lye uncoloured without lime




  • COLOR BUILDING TILJA Wood soap White

  • COLOR BUILDING TILJA Boiled linseed oil


The products will be posted on the website and bygghemma.se shortly. Of course, you can order these today if you contact us via order@fargbygge.se or call 08-551 747 50.


New opening hours

We are now changing our opening hours to be able to give you even better service. If you wish to visit us outside opening hours, you are always welcome to contact us and we will do our best to help.


See our opening hours here


Changes in the range of pigments

In the future, we will change our range and packaging volume for pigments. The reason for the change is, among other things, views on oversized packaging. In the future, we will have a standard range of pigments of 17 varieties. The standard pigments are sold in a 30ml zip bag, in a bucket per kilo price or in a sack.

In addition to the standard pigments, we also have an order assortment that is developed over time. The order assortment is sold in buckets per kilo price or in sacks.


During the autumn, we will of course post the pigment range on our website.


We ourselves see the changes in the pigment range as very positive and we of course hope that you as a customer also see it positively. You are warmly welcome to contact us with any questions.

Contact us now!

Färgbygge tänker om Artikel


Color construction is rethinking

The small-scale environmentally friendly paint factory launches a new product series, deviates slightly from previous ideology and mission and becomes to some extent less small-scale and renewable. However, expect to achieve more environmental benefits overall.


Read the whole article here.

Färgbygge föds

our history

Color construction is born

During the late 70's, a group of painters and architects searched for new materials to color the houses with. The initiative became a separate paint production under the name Färgbygge. The color scheme was based on Goethe's color theory with a focus on function in interaction with the human environment. 

Färgbygge Inspiration Fasad

our history

Colorbuilding today

After many years of development work, we are proud to be able to offer consumers and professional painters a newly developed series of indoor paints. The focus has been on increasing the proportion of renewable raw materials, minimizing VOC substances and improving technical properties.

In 2017, we moved into a completely new factory located in Sigtuna municipality. Major investments have been made to minimize energy consumption and a better working environment, while we have expanded our capacity to meet the demand for our colors.


Color construction - Color design for the future

Our Vision


With our colors, we want to inspire a safe, creative and developing environment to live in. In recent years, we have worked purposefully to make colors even more functional and environmentally sustainable, by choosing renewable and quality mineral raw materials, which are refined through a modern approach.  


With "Color design" we mean our quest for the most natural color experience. We are in the present, with a sense of sustainability "for the future" - which we see as a great and exciting challenge.