Shipping and delivery policy


Delivery time

Normal delivery time is 2-5 working days from your order date. Our goal is for the delivery to leave our warehouse the day after we receive your order. Delays can occur at high pressure at delivery companies or large numbers of orders with us.

If you have not received your order within the expected time, contact our customer service here.


Delivery options

Depending on the size of your order, your order will be delivered to a delivery point or directly to you. Larger orders are delivered on pallets. We also offer pick-up at our premises in Arlandastad.


Pick-up at our premises is of course free of charge.

Upon delivery, a handling cost and an additional shipping cost based on the weight of the shipment will be added.

The handling cost is SEK 19.

Weight supplement according to the table below

0–1 kg          0 kr

1–20 kg        99 kr

20–100 kg      SEK 249 Half-pallet

> 100kg         0kr EUR-pall

Example 1: Your order contains 1L RESPECT Carpentry primer, 1L RESPECT Carpentry paint White and 1L COLOR BUILDING TILJA Boiled linseed oil. Gross weight of these products is about 4 kg. The shipping cost will then be a handling fee of SEK 19 + weight surcharge SEK 99 = SEK 118 shipping cost.

Example 2: Your order contains 5 pcs 10L RESPECT Primer and 5 pcs 10L RESPECT Wall paint White. The total weight amounts to about 130kg. Your shipment will be shipped on EUR pallet. Shipping cost will then be SEK 19 handling fee + SEK 0 weight surcharge = SEK 19 shipping cost

Track packages

When we have sent your goods, you will receive a delivery confirmation with shipping information where there is a tracking number you can use to track your delivery at the shipping company. Note that there may be some delay before the shipment can be tracked.

Return shipping

If your order has been delivered to the delivery point and you have not picked it up, or if the shipping company can not reach you for home delivery, the goods will be returned to us. We will then invoice an extra fee based on the specific shipping to cover our costs.

Outside of Sweden

We deliver and administer orders outside Sweden as well. However, not directly from our webshop. Special rules, costs, etc. may apply, which is discussed in the individual cases between us and you as a customer. Contact info@fargbygge.com for more information or order@fargbygge.com to order. You can also fill in our contact form here.