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Scandinavian paint innovator

We are a group of people from different backgrounds with a common goal - to contribute to a more sustainable future!

Färgbygge means Color Construction, which describes our work with developing and designing paint for aesthetic and functional purposes. Together with artists, architects, chemists, engineers and color lovers, an idea was born to search for a new design language, a "color", through new and traditional raw materials, that are refined through modern technology. 

The country is Sweden

Our hometown Sigtuna is placed near Stockholm in the province of Uppland. We take the water from Lake Mälaren before it kisses the Baltic Sea.

Sweden is, like its neighboring countries, close to nature with large forests, mountains and clear waters. Truly a great favor.

Nature is where we seek inspiration in our quest to create natural color. In using the word color, we do not limit ourselves to pigments, or even coatings. We rather mean a design language that embraces the total impression on a human being from the surrounding. 


Färgbygge Innovation Sverige AB, Färgbygge in short, purposefully works towards the development of binders for surface coatings. Guiding stars in this development are the environment, health, and function.  

With high innovation power and willingness to co-operate, Färgbygge facilitates the transition to a more sustainable industry. A core mindset that drives the R&D team every day is to actively contribute to new innovations that are responsible and long-lasting. Färgbygge strongly believes in green chemistry, including renewable energy solutions, in order to reduce the need of fossil-based resources in the product development and in the production process from the start. 

The strategy of Färgbygge is based on technological innovation with a high level of service to take relevant steps together with its customers. Färgbygge offers an integrated step-by-step change and develops responsibly balanced solutions, fully supported by an experienced team with great humility for the client's expertise, complemented by high ethical standards.  

Whilst the mass balance approach may have its advantages in the calculation of the reduction of fossil resources, we believe in the natural law of simplicity where sustainable raw materials are the actual part directly related to the product and with its named origin. To be sustainable, Färgbygge needs to look beyond borders, believing in diversity, and in favour of many good solutions. This is why which we actively seek partnerships across various industrial branches without getting bogged down in polarisation.  

The technology of Färgbygge is well developed and proven to work in end products, both as a whole and in combination with conventional binders. Great emphasis has been placed on the ease of integration into existing industrial products without the need for further investments.  

Färgbygge is a company that invites the industry to come together to solve the very difficult problem of introducing a circular economy into the formulation of binders, paints, and coatings. 


Our statements are based on our interpretation of publicly available data and trends. However, we would like to point out that concerning environmental and health issues there may be other interpretations and we encourage each individual to apply their own critical thinking, for example, there are different opinions despite clear data whether wind energy is sustainable in the long term and so on.    


* Literature: Heidi Hottenroth; Carbon Footprints for Products, INEC - Institute for Industrial Ecology Pforzheim (2013).


Sustainable design

The best design language, colour, is undoubtedly nature itself, with its unique way of highlighting or masking itself throughout its spectrum. Similarly, we humans use a design language through colour to embellish, identify and guide our society, culture, and history, where colours played an important role as communication tools, both internally and externally in our environment, where they perform important functions in architecture. We have learnt to appreciate the composition of the exclusive materials that nature offers, as they open a broader design language.  

Driven by the conviction that our earth is for everyone and that we show it the respect it deserves, we strive for our products to be based on renewable raw materials in as high a concentration as we find possible. 

Reduced carbon footprint

Carbon dioxide is one of the central aspects of measure environmental impact. Our belief is that "you can always get better" - and we try to do our best! 

We have developed the concept of shellac-based paint, not only to include glaze but involving more or less our entire product range. 

*By using shellac-based composite binder we combine craftsmanship with sustainability because of shellacs positive carbon footprint! 

Minimized emissions

The overall philosophic starting point is that when we surround ourselves with our favourites colour, we feel good. For us this includes healthy environments for people to socialize and live in, not to mention the painter's work environment.  

Instead of developing methods to control unhealthy emissions, we try to exclude the substances from the products in the first place. This is often difficult and requires many trials, but it is part of our endeavour to solve these kinds of challenges. 

In laboratory tests for VOC, performed by one of the world's largest laboratory networks, Eurofins, our products received the highest rating and with test results that in almost all cases were even below the measuring limit! 

Fire retardent

The constructions of today requires high demands on both sustainability and function. 

For our products to be prescribed for a wide range of projects, we develop the products to be able to meet the construction standards' requirements for fire retardant.  

Eurofins RESPEKT Väggfärg
RESPEKT Väggfärg
Eurofins RESPEKT Snikerifärg

We are looking for partners!

As usual, our philosophy is that the more the merrier - partners who want to join us on our journey to set a new standard for the market are welcome to collaborate!

In our nature we love to develop. We are convinced that through partners follow synnergies that give results on everything from better raw materials, product  development, marketing and not least larger business. Together we reach further!

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