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BEECK Beeckosil Fin

Extremely durable active silicate paint based on pure potassium water glass.

For maximum silicification activity ASF®. Extremely vapor-permeable, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant. Silicate system for facades in a ready-to-use packaging. Ideal for mineral substrates, concrete, brick, and calcium silicate masonry. With a classic mineral profile and timeless aesthetic quality. Suitable for both the preservation of historic buildings and contemporary architecture.


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Indoor and outdoor.
5 L.
Minimum +8˚C.
After approximately 12 hours.
Rollers, brushes, bristle brushes.
Approximately 0,12 l/m².

The substrate must be clean, dry, solid, stable, and free from efflorescent and separating substances.

Suitable substrates are porous, absorptive to water-repellent, mineral, and can be silicified. Examples include old mineral coatings, lime plaster, cement plaster, concrete, fiber cement, natural stone, brick, calcium silicate masonry, lightweight concrete, synthetic resin-based renders, and external thermal insulation composite systems, provided that the substrate is properly prepared.

Unsuitable substrates are horizontally exposed, less stable, efflorescent, and non-alkali-resistant substrates such as lime plaster, wood-based materials (MDF, OSB), clay or loam, gypsum, and plasters, as well as non-solid and old plastoelastic coatings.

Defective substrates require a different treatment. Apply a diffusion-open renovation render or plaster to damp, salt-contaminated surfaces and to the base areas. Cover the entire surface with a base coat of BEECK Quartz Filler. *Applies to certain colors


Check the required suitability of the substrate.

Thoroughly cover the surfaces that should not be processed (e.g., windows, window profiles) and protect them from paint splatters.

Provide personal protective equipment.

Stir Beeckosil Fin or the tinted product thoroughly with a power mixer before use. Add BEECK Fixative to Beeckosil Fin to improve its spreadability.

Do not use in wet conditions, during the risk of frost, on hot surfaces, or in direct sunlight.

Minimum application temperature: +8°C.

Use a roller, brush, or apply using an airless spray method.

Apply an extremely thin layer on free-standing surfaces, without overlapping, in a continuous work pass and apply it evenly using a cross-coating technique.

Please note that the provided text describes specific guidelines for using BEECK products on different types of surfaces. For more accurate information and product usage, it is essential to consult the manufacturer's instructions and recommendations. *Applies to certain colors

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Thoroughly clean the equipment, tools, and soiled clothing with water immediately after use.

When stored in a cool and frost-free place, it can be kept for at least 12 months.

It's important to follow these cleaning and storage instructions to maintain the quality and usability of the product.

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